Our definition of a thrill
thrill - /THril/ ~ an event or activity that provides a feeling of excitement and pleasure.
 Our mission
ThrillCity is an open platform that collects the most exciting thrills and organizes them into a simplified and personalized social diary for its users.
 Our story
We are a small team of individuals who live in the glorious city of London. We enjoy the quest of a thrill that we refuse to allow stress, city chaos, tragic stories, weight gain or any signs of aging slow us down. Knowing fully well that several people feel this way, we decided to actually do something about it. Everyday, we simply get together and actively plan our social diaries a few months in advance; following through accordingly. Using vivid artistic images to represent each thrill along with ridiculously unconventional literature, we’ve taken a step further to share these gems with thrill seekers on the world wide web and create a platform that enables us to receive and experience thrills from various thrill makers across the globe - enriching our supply. With each day comes a thrill; with each thrill comes laughter, convergence and the celebration of life. If you secretly love our plan and care to join us, feel free to join our community and become a Thrill Citizen. In due course, you’re bound to discover that a thrill per day, keeps the doctor away.

Keep Smiling,
ThrillCity Team